Fees Schedule

The first thing I think about with our fees is this:

How am I going to give you a brilliant finish, the standard others aim for and aspire too, whilst keep all integrity of installation, and being within your budget? If I see clear path to this goal the cost no longer becomes relevant, because there is always a cost, it’s just how we go about making ourselves relevant and better value for money than our competitors.

Our fees are set, fixed and don’t change from the point of quote. We are given a full spec and we advise on costs accordingly. For a fully managed installation one would budget 10-15% depending on nature, size, level of bespoke work required to meet you targets. It’s difficult to be any more open than this with exacting clarity because it’s project is it’s own.

The best thing to do is give us a call and let’s workout what we can do to save you money and make our work relevant. We undertake all aspects of building and design, no scope too small or large. We will work with anyone that has a clear goal, and is committed to making it happen. If your kind of person we are certainly going to be a valuable asset to you.