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Wparchitects offer the full on package for any homeowner or project manager that wants to ensure an excellent standard, without compromise and with full confidence.

It is our view that our rates represent excellent value for money and fall well within higher and lower ranges of consultancy costs. Typical prices represent a small fraction of the money we can normally save.

We are honest and transparent in our pricing, our schedule and our tradesmen. We regularly blog and will reveal their name. It is our opinion that you should know who we work with before, and whilst many advise to hold cards closer to chest, than reveal trade secrets as to top suppliers and services, it’s our opinion combined with our skills in consultancy with you, and the trades that best results occur. An unmanaged building project, often becomes more expensive than an expertly managed one. If we save you one month in mortgage our fees will already become negligible. In the unfortunate event a trade let you down, you do not have a back up plan or the coverage and range we provide with our safety net as well as the credibility and assurance of a good installation.

So for us, the established building consultancy business, we can afford to be transparent and we rely on our reputation and recommends, not just business new. No company in this day and age fares well paying full price for each client via the normal advertising routes. One must have a client base, a reputation, and a brand that’s trustable to the majority.

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