Remove internal wall and rebuild kitchen with new lounge layouts

PB & Sons helped us remove an internal wall, open up the lounge and kitchen right through to rear garden, creating this stunning area of light and play on shades. We are exceptionally happy with the result of this project and equally pleased the client believed the installation to be the best they’ve ever seen and had in twenty years of homeownership. Heartwarming.

We set about this project contacting structural engineers to ensure our calculations on load bearing beams was feasible. You certainly don’t want to sell structural support short, whilst overkill is a waste of budget and resources better applied elsewhere on the project, or reflected as money savings. Once we had calculations in place we partially removed the wall and inserted the RSJ. This loading bearing wall could be removed under the condition of an RSJ being fitted.

Once the structure handled and sash windows refurbished, we set about squaring up the walls, and then a fresh coat of plaster. We ran all the utilities for the kitchen in advance as well as plumbing. All work is carried out but certified professionals with the relevant licensing to do so. We would highly recommend our builders as they really helped take care of the practical side once we got our way through all the paper work and theory.

The kitchen was hand made by our carpenter and the sink purchased with the carpenter then building a framework around the ideas and features pre purchased. This meant no time was wasted and no resources unused with little complication and room for errors. The whole process being efficient and therefor a direct saving to the client. We always recommended pre purchasing kitchen equipments and accessories as they often don’t quite pan out as expected when installed in real life and the feeling of being underwhelmed all too common. We break this trend with our custom solution and ideas toward purchasing kit prior.

Once kitchen installed the balance of light and darkness was stunning. The use of design and modern light fittings made this a true show home experience and one that I will be proud of for a long time. The views into gardens now spectacular and a great feeling of space and cleanliness. The interior was all selected by the client and full credit must go to them for such a stunning finish. The decorative finish has made all the difference to the blank canvas we provided and certainly they made full use of it. The mix of down lighters, wall and kitchen lights just set the whole package off.

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