London 8 bedroom property entirely refurbished and renovated

We’ve teamed up with AJ builders to make this brilliant refurbishment of a 8 bedroom townhouse property in London. The proper itself is absolutely stunning and we carried out full renovation internally. The project value £350,000 but you can learn more about that in or fees schedule.

The house required completely gutting. The house still had lath and plaster which required entire removal. We went back to timber support and created brand new fixings for plasterboard. Walls all had quality quality acoustic insulation as well as uprated fire rated plaster boarding. The walls them skimmed and the results absolutely spectacular. It is amazing just how properties will come to life from being re-plastered alone. Skirting boards of high quality and in some rooms Farrow and Ball paint with quality wallpaper used in others. The level of detail supplied by our interior designers certainly pleased the client. I’m happy to say this was a complete success and I think the pictures do the talking for me.

We completely refitted bathrooms. The owner prefers modern cutting edge design with a twist of of period ornate qualities. I think we really delivered on this. The floor looks spectacular and a common feature nowadays is to have a soak away point centrally located to help cleaning as well as running tiles to pool water away from edges which in time will leave mildew if uncleaned.

The lounge was designed with a mind on light. The client like big bright spaces but with a comfortable, cozy twist. Quite difficult to bring the two ideas together but in the end a success. I do think we may have over delivered on modern slightly and not enough emphasis on original but this was a make as we go spec and following the clients ideas. I think if I was to classify the idea myself I would call it modern elegant. I don’t think it’s all that cozy by nature, however certainly comfortable to live in.

If you asked me to change anything here I’d probably say no. I love the idea and the outcome, the light and balance on a summers day is striking, whilst protection from the sun is available in shady areas which create a beautiful image of the lounge as a package. This created a beautiful space that also is extremely energy efficient as a result of the windows double glazed.The wood flooring while modern, adds a certain depth and rustic feel to the whole layout and certainly enhances the comfort factor. It’s quite unfortunate that there is an electric pole in the background outlooking the garden. In the future we plan to erect a screen at the lower end of the garden to hide this and grow runners up the covering in order to create a feel of size and depth rather than an enclosed space.

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